Welcome to the 4th Judicial District Court

Court Reporters



Section 1

Judges C. Wendell Manning

Terri Warren - ext. 1152

Judge Scott Leehy

Martha Strickland - ext. 1154

Section 2

Judge Wilson Rambo

All Court Reporters rotate.

Judge Carl Van Sharp

Heather Trichell - ext. 1150


Section 3

Judge Larry Jefferson

Susan Traylor - ext. 1153

Judge Fred Amman

All Court Reporters rotate.


Section 4

Judge Daniel J. Ellender

Beverly Walker - ext. 1159

Judge H. Stephens Winters

Chief Court Reporter Renee Streeter - ext. 1156


Section 5

Judge Robert C. Johnson

Kim Hinson - ext. 1158

Rachael Young - ext. 1155


Juvenile and Drug Court

Chief Judge Sharon I. Marchman

Juawanna Burson - ext 1151